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SOTI MobiControl makes mobility management easy. It simplifies the security and management of multi-vendor, multi form-factor and multi-operating system devices in your multi-purpose mobility ecosystem – all through a single, easy-to-use interface..

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Broadest device support

SOTI certifies mobile and IoT devices from over 150 device manufacturers

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Rapid deployment and provisioning

Accelerate and reduce the costs of your mobile device deployments

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Identity and Access Management

Ensure access to your enterprise resources aligns with your company’s security posture

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Email management

Provision and secure corporate email

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Device and Data Security

Secure your company’s confidential information

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Data collection and Reporting

Comprehensive and flexible collection and reporting of device and app data

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Location-based services

Track and monitor your devices and workforce

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Application management

Secure and distribute corporate apps

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Content management

Prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive or corporate content

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Remote Support

Live, real-time support available wherever your devices are located

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Telecom Expense Management

Control cellular use and roaming, and prevent data overages