Mobility changes as quickly as the winds. New devices, plans, tariffs, apps, security risks and deployment requirements seem like daily events. The only constant is the service demand on IT. Each business unit wants something different, needs white glove service, and can be oblivious to soaring costs and overworked IT departments.

Managed MDM Services

Automate the mobility lifecycle, proactively manage costs, control access and safeguard corporate data on both corporate-owned and BYOD devices. Our turnkey solution for mobile device management (MDM) covers all devices that access your network and provides process controls, scalability, strong financial management and more. And you get a cohesive view of all mobility costs, participants, inventory and more, together on a single platform.

Lifecycle Management Approach

Ntegras steps in as your full lifecycle mobile management partner. We manage large and small-scale device deployments, support you with superior service, and provide security and compliance when controlling costs.

End-to-end service

From deployment to end-of-life recycling, Ntegras offers managed services that support each stage of the mobility cycle and every stage of the mobile life cycle.

Device Staging and Setup

Receiving mobile devices set-up and ready to go improves efficiency for both IT and end-users. Whatever the user requires on their device – software, settings and apps, along with MDM enrollment or even helpful peripherals – will be individually configured, ready to go on arrival.

We also hold an inventory of any devices not currently in use, and keep these safely stored in a secure location.

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